Double Garbage Chute

The double garbage chute is designed to convey two separate garbage types – “dry” and “moist” (organic) garbage – from residential floors to the garbage storage room.

Tenants are not required to climb down to the garbage storage room but simply go to their landing and dispose of garbage using the designated facility.

The double chute is installed in a shaft double the size of the standard chute shaft. Two types of devices will be installed on every residential floor, in the floor’s garbage room. One is a device designed for “dry garbage”, with another device designated for “organic garbage”.
The garbage is dropped in one of the two chutes, and routed directly to the dry waste (green) or organic waste (brown) bin.

In certain cases the entrepreneur prefers a double garbage chute to a smart chute due to its technological simplicity and significantly lower maintenance costs.

The double garbage chute is technically identical to the standard garbage chute. It is actually made of two standard chutes placed side by side.

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