Garbage Chute Repair/Upgrade

Metalgreen Co. provides an extensive array of garbage and laundry chute repair services, including:

* Spare parts: e.g. door handles, gas pistons that automatically close hatches, cleaning brushes, stainless steel screws and bolts, switches and LED lights for control panels.

* Replacement of doors, repair and improvement of faulty doors, tightening screws.

* Repair of the bottom angle of the chute including replacement/repair/upgrading of lower fire guillotine.

* Greasing and repair of garbage chute hatches and structural components from the bottom angle in the garbage room to the chute’s upper floor technical maintenance room.

* Upgrading the upper cleaning and ventilation system and all its components: motors, bellows, brushes, cleaning tanks, water taps.

* Stainless steel repair using welding.

* Garbage conveyer repair and upgrade.

* Upgrade and conversion of regular chutes into smart chutes and installation of garbage chutes in populated buildings without a garbage chute (if the building has an appropriate shaft).

* Repair and upgrade of smart garbage chutes (recycling chute) including: repair and maintenance of main and floor control panels and the garbage router and all its parts: linear engines, bearings, piston limit switches and frame repairs.

Our skilled repair service staff is here to serve your building trustfully and with maximum safety. Metalgreen provides service for garbage chutes of all types and by all manufacturers, ensuring fast and efficient service from the moment your call is received.
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