Smart Garbage Chute

Metalgreen Co. has developed the smart garbage chute in order to promote the policy of garbage separation at source, based on Ministry of Environment requirements.

Separation at source is separation of household garbage into two parts – the first being biologically degradable “organic” garbage, e.g., dairy products, eggshells, food, fruit and vegetables, meat, etc.

All other types of garbage are “dry” garbage, e.g., disposable nappies, tin cans, plastic bags, etc.

A garbage separation device will be installed at the bottom of the garbage chute, designed to channel organic waste and dry waste into the appropriate garbage bins.

The device is made of steel and is operated by a main monitoring and control system based on the type of garbage inserted into the chute by users.

A floor control panel is installed on each of the garbage chute hatches and is at one of two

positions at all times:

* Stand by position: the chute control system is waiting for instructions – all lights are off.

* Garbage dropping position: pressing one of the garbage buttons enables the garbage disposal hatch to be opened and garbage to drop.

After the button is pressed the green light turns on, denoting garbage being dropped on the corresponding floor. On all other floor a yellow light, “please wait”, turns on – denoting the system is being used by another tenant. When the system identifies that the hatch on the floor from which garbage was disposed is closed and the garbage has reached its destination, the garbage dropping lights on the floor from which garbage was dropped are turned off and so are the please wait lights on other floors.

Technical specifications:

* Garbage routing device – made of 5mm thick galvanized steel painted RAL6001 green, resistant to blows and corrosion, has a 5mm thick steel internal shelf and rear angle reinforcements, operated by a hydraulic motor.

* Main monitoring and control panel in the central garbage room – designed to move the internal shelf in the required direction and lock the garbage chute floor hatches when the system is undergoing cleaning and maintenance.

* Electric lock (solenoid) – installed on each floor hatch.

* Button for dry waste and organic (moist) waste – operates control panel on each floor.

* Electricity and control cables – installed outside of garbage chute, connected to the main

control panel.

* Operating instructions and labels – on every floor.

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