nikuvCNC perforation / cutting (computerized perforation machine):

A technology using special perforation tools to cut and perforate various materials. The process is done by perforators in different geometrical shapes and diameters that are controlled by a computer and perforate the tin by coordinating motions and actions with the computerized design software loaded onto the machine’s central computer.

kifufBending tin:

Bending is a method performed by a brake press. The tin unit is located over the bending mold, and when the bending blade is lowered against the mold, the tin unit bends into the dimensions specified on the machine’s computer.

ergolRolling tin:

Rolling tin is the process of moving a metallic raw material such as stainless steel, steel, aluminum, etc. through two (or sometimes more) rotating metal rollers that cause it to become narrow.

tichnunEngineering design and pre-manufacturing:

Metalgreen employs a team of engineers and mechanical designers who are highly knowledgeable in metal and specialize in 3D computerized design software for planning and drawing. These engineers and designers provide our customers with a fast, professional and creative solution.
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