Tin Perforation, Bending and Rolling Services

Metalgreen Co. has skilled engineers and CNC programmers trained to operate the sophisticated perforation, bending and rolling machines in an ideal professional manner in order to design the best possible product for our customers.

We also have a metal workshop that provides all required welding services – MIG welding, TIG welding, spot welding and cutting services to size.

Metalgreen’s range of services and products includes:

- Communication cabinets by demand and design.

- Production of panels, metal boxes and casing systems, from the design stage through the prototype to mass production at the customer’s demands.

The finished product is produced by a uniform source without mediators or contractors, from the engineering department responsible for design, through the quality and service departments along the entire production chain until supply to the customer, provides our customers with multiple benefits including:

* Wide range of raw materials, processing and adaptation to customers’ needs.

* Combination of additional materials including Perspex and glass

* Saving waste and time

* Saving shipping costs between several suppliers

* Engineering advice on development of new products

In order to receive a price quote please send us the relevant drawing and we will gladly be at your disposal at any time!
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